Blake & Miranda’s Celebrity Wedding

When Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced they would be getting married, it quickly became one of the most talked-about events of the year.  They are the CMA’s reigning Male and Female Vocalists, so they are country music royalty, and it became country’s Royal Wedding.  The guest list certainly fit that image.  In addition to their families, Blake & Miranda invited lots of country stars, including Dierks Bentley, Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, Chris Young, and many more. 

Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton spoke with Blake about the wedding: “That thing was so much fun, and a lot of that was because Miranda & I were insistant that people not bring their cell phones or cameras to the wedding.  I even told my mom, ‘You need to tell all our family, I don’t care, I will have them drug out to the street if I see one,’ and I think that’s what made it so much fun, because we didn’t want to have people stop Reba and take their pictures.  So all was left to do was for people to stand around, get to know each other, dance, have fun, sing karaoke, party, laugh, no distraction other than have a good time, and we damn sure did!”

The wedding became a big deal, attracting a few paparazzi to the secluded ranch.  Blake told Lon that the attention caught him a bit by surprise at a very critical moment: “I tell you when it hit me how big of a deal it was…right before the ceremony, I’m standing behind the building where we got married, and I’m talking with the preacher.  And I told him, ‘Man, I have to go to the bathroom!’  And the preacher says to me, ‘You might as well do it here behind the building, since we only have a few minutes.’  So I’m standing there and about that time, a helicopter flies by really low.  And we had some Texas Rangers there, and they came in saying, ‘We got a problem!’  I loved it, I’m glad people care enough that there was a helicopter trying to get pictures.  I just hope they have a telescopic lens, so it’s not embarrassing if that picture ever comes out.”

The two dated for more than five years.  Blake told Lon they got married at the perfect time in their relationship: “We were ready.  If we’d done it back in the heat of things, it might not have worked out.  We did everything we could to each other to get rid of one another.  It’s how I envision the last five years.  It was time.”

Last month, when Ronnie Dunn was the co-host, he told Lon that he & Reba had convinced Blake & Miranda to elope in Las Vegas a full six months before the wedding.  Blake told Lon that story was true: “It really would have happened that night, and the only reason it didn’t was because Reba’s husband Narvel stopped it.  Miranda got swept up in it too.  Ronnie even said he had an ordained minister license, so we could say we were married by Ronnie Dunn.  It would have happened had Narvel not been there.  There were more than a couple drinks involved.”

Blake talks about the “no cameras” policy at his wedding: 11-29 Blake3

Blake responds to Ronnie Dunn’s story about the wedding: 11-29 Blake5

Blake recalls being spotted by a helicopter photographer: 11-29 Blake7

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