Miranda’s Wardrobe Malfunction

In the weeks before the CMA Awards, Miranda Lambert goes through a bunch of outfits that she’ll wear in awards night.  There’s the dress for the red carpet, the dress for the performance, and the dress she wears during the show.  It was during those fittings that Miranda had an accident.  She told Lon Helton of Country Countdown USA: I got stuck in a really big designer dress.  Like in my fitting, I got stuck-stuck. Like they had to cut it off me.  I took pictures.  They’re not appropriate to share with the public, but I did document them for myself.  I tried on this dress, and it fit, but the zipper broke when I put it on.  So they tried to lay me down to take it off, and it got worse stuck.  I couldn’t see, it was stuck over my head, it was awful, like a 30 minute ordeal.  I was like undies, nothing else, I couldn’t see, stuff was stuck over my head, it was awsome.  When my career goes down, I may leak some of the pictures.”

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