Cole Swindell Flies With Dierks

Cole Swindell is having a great time on Dierks Bentley’s What The Hell Tour. Dierks is a pilot, and he flies his private plane to a lot of shows. Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton asked Cole if he’s flown with Dierks: “Yeah, a couple times. The first time was after we shot the Flatliner video. He let me sit up front, I’ve never seen the stars so close.  It’s a different view than you normally see.  I can see why he loves to do that.  It’s a great getaway.”

Dierks brings his family on the road, so Cole has spent time with Dierks’ three little kids.  Cole said, “Getting to know him, and his family, they’re on the road, the little kids running around, you look and that and say, ‘I hope I get to have that some day.’ He loves what he does, but I know how important his family is to him. To get to see them, and they’re all so cute.  That little boy of his is a mess.  There was one show, he was playing air guitar, he could have been on television, he was rockin’ out so hard.”

Every night, Cole sings his current duet Flatliner with Dierks during the show. Cole said, “For the way it worked out, it was perfect. The song may have been on the album, but it was a big choice to put it out for radio. I wanted to come with something fun, and do it on the tour. That’s another moment I get to have during the show, to see a song in the Top 10, you can watch it grow with the crowd, the reaction from the beeping of the intro, people are losing it, and we’re having a blast doing it, I know that.”

In addition, Cole & Jon Pardi come on stage with Dierks for the finale, “Drunk On a Plane.”  The tour wraps up next month. For a complete list of shows, go to

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