Kenny Chesney On Rebuilding

Last month, Hurricane Irma tore through Florida.  But before it touched the mainland, it also hit the US Virgin Islands, where Kenny Chesney has a home.  Kenny spoke with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton this week to describe the destruction, and launch his Love For Love City Fund.

“The current status is there are a lot of people in the Virgin Islands who are displaced because their lives are based on the tourist business, the restaurant business and boat business.  All of those businesses are gone.  It’s gonna take a while to recover. There are a lot of people trying to help those islands recover at a faster pace, but it’s really devastating.

Kenny told Lon he hopes to rebuild his home: “Once the infrastructure in the islands is rebuilt, I’ll think of rebuilding my home back a bit, or just tear what’s left of it down and put an Airstream there with a deck around it, like my friend Matthew McConaughey did! I think that would be fun too.  But recovery and rebuilding will be measured in years. That’s why the Love For Love City Foundation will continue.  These people will need help long after this is off the news, and that’s what I plan on doing.”

So what is Kenny doing? He has a place for people to donate at his website.  He’s offering t-shirts and caps with the logo on it with all money going to the foundation.  Beyond that? “There will be some sort of musical element to it. I don’t know when or what or how yet. I plan on doing something for all the islands, for the Florida Keys. My music was inspired by those places.  At some point there will be a big musical element to this. If we do a show, it’ll be later. If we do a record, it’ll be later.  We’ll know more in about a month.”

FGL’s Brian Kelley was a guest at Kenny’s island house last year.  Lon played Kenny a clip of Brian describing Kenny’s house, and Kenny replies, “It WAS beautiful. That’s what was so great about that island. It’s called Love City for a reason, it was so giving.  Anytime there was anybody that I knew was down there, I wanted them to go to my open air bar. It’s a magical, beautiful place to sit.  So for many people, my house was your house.”

For more information on the Love For Love City Fund, go to   “We’ve made t-shirts and caps with the Love For Love City logo on it, and all that money goes to the Love For Love City Foundation to help all those kids, help pregnant women that can’t go to the hospital, to get them off the island.  There’s no infrastructure to support them any more, so there’s a lot to do, and a lot to think about.”

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