New To The Top 10: LANCO

This week a new country band has their first Top 10 hit: LANCO achieved that honor thanks to their song “Greatest Love Story.”  The song is written by the band’s lead singer Brandon Lancaster. We got to meet with all five members of LANCO this week, and talked with them about having a big hit on the radio:

“It’s funny, we have a bunch of friends who are artists, and we’d ask them when do you feel it shift? They’re like, the minute it hits Top 20, you’ll feel a direct shift. The crowds will get bigger, and the higher it goes, the bigger the crowds will get. When this song hit Top 20, it was light a lightbulb switched. No matter where we play, there’s a bunch of people there singing our song. I don’t think that would have happened 2 months ago.  When you get Top 10, there’s a consistency to the audiences, there’s a crowd, and it’s a good sized crowd.  Now we have 800 to a thousand people and everything shifted in the last couple months. It gives you confidence going on stage.  Before the challenge was to win over the crowd, but now they know you.”

The group’s lead singer, Brandon Lancaster, wrote the song.  “I wrote that a few years ago. It started out as a story that was a bit of my life. The first verse was my life, a troublemaker and the all American girl.  I was dating her from when I was 19, we’d been together a long time, then we broke up, and got back together. So the foundation of the song from my own life. Then I took some experiences from some friends, and put it together in one song.”

Since then, Brandon married the girl in the song.  Now it’s has become other people’s love story, and he finds himself singing it at their engagements: “That’s the biggest unexpected thing. You have dreams your whole life. You dream of people at a concert singing the words. But even then the song is about a journey of a couple, I didn’t think about how many people would make it a wedding song. Knowing one of your songs is part of a memory that’s one of the biggest days of their life is just crazy. It’s incredible, to be a part of that is more than one could ask for.”

The band started about five years ago in Nashville.  They said it’s been a long slow climb to their first Top 10: “We’ve experienced a lot of highs lately, but a lot of not-so-great times together.  It’s cool for us because when times are bad, we all work normal jobs, and dream of things.  The worst day of playing shows is better than cutting rugs.  Back then we’d talk about if we could just play shows outside of Tennessee.  Now it’s like we did it! It’s really rewarding.”


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