Maren’s Gift To Chris Janson

Chris Janson spent the summer on the road with Sam Hunt & Maren Morris. Chris told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that he received a neat gift from Maren:

“I got this box in my dressing room that said ‘To Chris From Maren,’ and a nice handwritten note.  Handwritten notes go a long way with me.  I try to do them as often as I can.  She bought me this great gift.  I give credit to her and her fiancé Ryan Hurd. They know I love this brand Filson, which is like this classic American leather goods company, and bought me a Filson leather bag with my initials on it, and it meant a lot to me. Her music’s great, she’s a great singer, but just as a human, that went a long way with me.”

Chris also had these thoughts about tour headliner Sam Hunt: “I know he loves to work out, and I don’t work out at all.  I hate it.  So we have a love/hate relationship.  But we like to shoot bows together, we like to hunt, we like to fish, so we got a lot in common. We like shoes, so I got him a cool pair of Nikes. But the bottom line is Sam Hunt knows a lot about music, he’s a great songwriter.  Talk about a guy who got famous, but doesn’t act like it? Sam Hunt.  He’s a tall handsome guy who’s really nice.”

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