Maren Morris: “Female” is Powerful

Maren Morris had a lot to say about Keith Urban’s current hit “Female.”  She talked about it with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“I remember sitting in the audience at the CMA Awards with Niall Horan, it was his first CMA Awards, and we both felt the power of that performance when Keith was performing it.  I’m glad that was the first time I heard it. For Keith to feel the power of that song in the midst of all this injustice happening. It was an amazing statement, and not many people would have the stones to do it. But Keith is such a good person, and he wants to represent the genre and move country music forward. They say country is three chords and the truth, and that song is the truth. For him to be a man and say it, it’s amazing he really went there with it. I think the song was three weeks old when he performed it at the CMAs.  He heard it right after they wrote it, and went in and recorded it and put it out.”

Maren toured with Keith in 2016, and she joined Keith on New Year’s Eve for the annual concert in Nashville.  Lon asked Maren if they stay in touch? “Yes, he congratulated me when I got engaged.  He’s do busy, with his careers and Nicole’s, and their children. But when I got engaged, he texted me to say, ‘Congrats, love is an amazing thing, isn’t it?’ It’s such an amazing thing to hear from him.  I look up to him & Nicole a lot in how they work their careers together. They’re so there for each other. She’d come out on the tour to see him, and she goes to awards shows, they’re so there for each other, it gives me a lot of hope for my own marriage. If Keith & Nicole can do it, when they’re worlds apart, when she’s shooting a movie, it’s like OK, I’ll stop complaining about not seeing Ryan in a week.”

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