Dierks Bentley & Peyton Manning

Last summer, Dierks went on a fishing trip with Jake Owen, Luke Bryan, & Peyton Manning.  Dierks described what happened to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:  “We were on a fishing trip up in Canada. We were in this amazing spot, where you helicopter in to British Columbia. There’s no way to get out without a helicopter. This mama grizzly bear came by with three cubs, and I ain’t messing around with bears.  I got my camera out, moved back to the chopper.  Peyton didn’t see it, and this bear is coming up behind him, and I got this picture of it from the safety of the helicopter. But we had a lot of fun, singing songs around the campfire, so we had a lot of fun. Jake knows every song ever written in any genre of music. We had a lot of fun.  Good hang!”

Then a few weeks later, Peyton made a guest shot at a Dierks concert: “Last show of the tour, Denver, 25,000 people, half the team, the Broncos came on stage, I got him dressed up in the pilot costume, and we finished the tour with Peyton Manning singing Drunk On a Plane. It was really cool.”  Lon pointed out “I’ve seen him sing with Chesney, so I know what it sounded like.” Dierks responded: “He’s gonna stick to doing the Nationwide commercials.  But he does go for it. He’s not afraid.”

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