Easton Corbin’s New Corvette

Easton Corbin has a brand new toy: A shiny black Corvette!  He talked about it with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“It’s a car I’ve always loved since I was a kid.  I kind of justified it by saying I’m gonna sell my boat and my Harley.  I’ve got to offset it in some way.  So I actually sold my Harley, and I’m in the process of selling my boat.  Its so cool.  It’s so much fun to drive.”

Now we have to get you to become a member of the Corvette Museum, so you can use the track: “I was on the interstate a couple weeks ago, and these two dudes rolled up beside me in their Corvette, and they’d just been at the track.  They said it was pretty cool, so I’ve gotta go do it.  In fact, Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher is a Corvette guy, and he said ‘I took it up there to the track, and I had one of the trained drivers in there with me, and I was about to lose my lunch. These guys were so good.’  He said it was crazy. I had a buddy tell me that with traction control, it can fool you into thinking you’re a better driver than you are.”


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