Thomas Rhett’s Co-Host Highlights

Thomas Rhett is about to begin his Life Changes Tour. He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that he will bring his two little girls with him: “My wife just got done redesigning our bus to make it more kid-friendly.  Every bit of electronics is up high so Willa Gray can’t touch it, All the drawers have locks, all the corners have rubber on them. We found these zippy things you put on a bunk, so when you put your kid in there, you can zipper them in so they can’t fall out of a bunk.”

Thomas attended the 60th annual Grammy Awards in New York. “We got to sit on the second row, next to Bruno Mars and Kendrick Lamar.” Lon reminded Thomas he met Bruno last year, so did they have a reunion? “No, it was hilarious. He probably didn’t remember meeting me. There was a moment when he looked right at me, and he didn’t say anything. I was like, Aw! If only he noticed!”

Last week, Old Dominion’s Matt Ramsey mentioned that Thomas texted him about his Gucci shoes at the Grammys.  Lon asked about that, and Thomas said, “I can’t believe he told you that story! I was debating all day, and so I texted Matt.  He told me to rock em.  So I wore them feeling insecure, and it was the first thing every interviewer talked about.  So from now on, I’ll just ask Matt what I should wear.” (You can see the shoes in the photo below)

Thomas is good friends with Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard.  He told Lon he’s seen Tyler’s baby girl: “Little Liv.  She looks just like Tyler!  Me & Tyler got blessed with girls who look like us, but somehow they look beautiful. I don’t know how that happened. I can see Tyler & me be the way-too-into-it dads. I can’t wait to watch our kids grow up together.”

A few weeks ago, Kelsea Ballerini told Lon she felt she & Thomas were “similar in our insecurities.”  Thomas agrees: “She is so right in so many ways. For some reason we have that bond with each other. She’ll shoot me straight, and that’s why we have such a good relationship is because we’re brutally honest with each other.  Oh man, the world is learning a lot about old TR this week!”

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