Scotty McCreery Gets 1st #1

As luck would have it, Scotty McCreery is co-hosting the week his song is actually #1.  What makes it even more special is it’s his first #1.He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton, “This is the most fulfilling, gratifying moment of my career by far. Favorite song I’ve ever written, so cool to see country radio and the fans embrace it, it’s been a journey, but it’s worth it, and its so cool.  We had some champagne, and I never sprayed it before, and this was my first chance to do it, so we made the most of it.”

Surprising that after 7 years, this is your first #1: We’ve had songs do well, but we’ve never rung the bell, go to the top of the mountain, to have it happen with this song, a song I wrote, that’s so personal to me, about my grand-daddy, just life, the journey it went on, I can’t think of a better way to have my first #1.”

Tell me about that journey: “I wrote it for my grand daddy Bill, we’d just lost him the week before.  We played it for radio right after we wrote it, got a standing ovation, so I thought we might have something. When the label deal fell through with Universal, I had to fight for that song.  A few months later, we put that song out, and little by little it gained steam. It was the first song to chart without a label. It was so much fun to watch a song you believe in get started. It’s been awesome.”

“The best part of this song is hearing from all the fans telling me how it relates to them or who they think of when they hear this song. It’s so gratifying that my song is helping them through that kind of stuff.”

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