Scotty McCreery’s Wedding Plans

Last fall, Scotty McCreery announced his engagement to childhood sweetheart Gabi Dugal.  This week, he described the circumstances to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“We have our spot in the mountains where we go to hike. I knew from the first minute I went to that spot that was gonna be where I proposed.  We were on a cliff, untouched mountains, it’s very quiet, but I don’t think I was Mr. Smooth. It’s normally a 30 minute hike, and we made it in about five minutes, my heart was just racing.  I probably tipped her off with my nerves.”

How long have you been dating? “Six years now.  Started senior year in high school. We met in kindergarten. Grew up together.  In her kindergarten diary, she wrote ‘Mrs. Gabi McCreery’ written in hearts. To me, it’s one of those fate things.  I got lucky with her. Senior year I realized I always had my eye on her, and I realized I was about to hit the road, if I don’t make my move, I might miss my chance. Luckily she said yes, we’ve been together ever since.”

Tell me about the ring? “I was going to get the complete opposite kind of ring than what she wanted. Luckily, we were walking around the mall one day, and what she picked out was gold, instead of white gold, so I’m glad I took her to the mall to look at rings, and I think it’s perfect for what she wanted.”

Got down on one knee? “I did, but once again, Mr. Smooth, we were on a cliff, in between two rocks, and it wasn’t working, but she let me try again, and I found a flat spot.”

Is Scotty involved in wedding planning? “I’ve been trying to be involved, and Gabi wants me involved, she wants it to be a team thing. There’s certain things she’s better things, like most things.  She’s better at flowers, my job has been catering.  I can taste things all day long, so I’m glad to take on that job.”

Where will you get married? “In the mountains of North Carolina. So kind of back where it all began with the engagement.  Hopefully it’ll be a nice weather. I’m really looking forward to it.”

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