Urban: “She’s A Maniac In Bed”

Keith Urban’s latest album Graffiti U includes a song inspired by his wife, Nicole Kidman.  Keith described the song to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“There’s a track on the album called ‘Gemini’ that’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before, and yet felt so at home when I got my guitar in my hands and started playing along with the track. The song’s about my wife, who’s a Gemini.”

Lon said, “I have to admit, I heard one phrase, and I had to go back and see if I heard it correctly.  So I wonder what happened when you played it for Nicole?”

Keith responded, “What phrase is that? ‘She’s a maniac in the bed, and a brainiac in her head?’ (laughs)  Well I had to be honest.   It was a line that Julia [Michaels, the co-writer] had.  I said, ‘I couldn’t say that.’ And she said, ‘Well you kind of did, when you were telling me about your wife, you kind of said that.’ And I said, ‘I guess I did. Well she is.  In the context of the song, it’s very playful as well. It’s a sexy song, and she’s a sexy woman. It all just went together in that song, all the colors that she is, that song feels like what she is too.”

Lon asked, “So what did Nicole say when she heard it?” Keith said, “To my wife hearing that? I would say that any other person would blush, but my wife is so used to me, she didn’t put it into words, she just loved the song. It’s funny, I never asked her what she thought of that, I just played her the song.”

Listen to Lon & Keith talk about “Gemini” here:

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