More Kane Brown Stories

Here are more Kane Brown stories from this week’s Country Countdown USA:

Kane’s love for singing began in high school, as he told Lon Helton: “In my senior year I won a talent show. I sang ‘Gettin’ You Home’ by Chris Young.” Ironically Kane is now on tour with Chris. Lon asked if he’s told Chris? “Oh yeah, he don’t like me talking about that. He just wants to be my friend. He doesn’t want me to say he was my idol. He blushes a little bit.”

Last year, Kane was on tour with Jason Aldean. Since then, they’ve become friends. “I went over to his house for the Georgia Oklahoma game, the playoff game. Me, him and Tyler Farr. Big screen TVs, it was like being at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Florida Georgia Line was there too. It was crazy. Honestly, Aldean’s one of my best friends in country music. If you go to my Instagram page, he’s giving me crap. I posted a picture of me in a suit at the ACMs. He goes ‘Why are you looking so fancy in a Motel 6?'”

Kane spent the fall with LANCO, who were also on the Chris Young Tour. “They all love to gamble. Trip, their drummer, likes to bet bunny hops. He don’t like to bet money. So I have 286 bunny hops on Trip. If he’s on stage, I’ll say, ’20 bunny hops to your drum kit.’ So he’s literally in an arena, bunny-hopping on stage. We bet on corn hole, which he’s never beat me, basketball, everything.”

Kane just moved to a new house south of Nashville. He explained to Lon the reason: “Everybody knew where I lived. I made a mistake of putting my truck on Instagram, and it has a lot of followers. We’d have people knocking on my door, Nobody did anything bad, but we felt uncomfortable. Now that I have a house, I never had a stable home. Now to say I have a roof over my head that I paid for, for my fiancé and my fur babies is amazing. I feel so blessed.”

Kane met Reba McEntire backstage after the ACM Awards.  He told Lon: “We met Reba, that was awesome, me & my fiancé. So sweet. I’m not saying this because she’s older, but she reminds me of my nana. My nana is my girl, and I’ve watched her growing up because my nana’s such a Reba fan. When you see her smile and her personality, you can’t help but smile. She’s beautiful, my fiancé was jealous.  She told me I did a good job on the show.  Then I asked if my fiancé could get a picture. Course she took a picture, so she’s one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met.”

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