Darius Rucker’s Bucket List

Writing his current hit “For The First Time” inspired Darius Rucker to put together a bucket list of things he’d never done.  He shared it with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“I just thought, what a great idea, ‘when was the last time you did something for the first time,’ let’s write that.  When we wrote the song, it changed me in a way because I never thought of that.  I’ve always been working so much, always on tour or I try to be home with the kids. This song made me think of all the things I wanted to do that I’ve never done.  It made me sit down and write bucket lists, writing a list of concerts, people I’ve never seen in concert that I wanna see, and starting to do that stuff, and it all came from writing this song.  When we were writing it, I started thinking there were so many things I wanted to do.  The first list I made was concerts I wanted to see.  McCartney was number 1, which was amazing to me that I’d never seen him, so I got to see him this year.  I also want to see the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, and I’ve got to start prioritizing them. Right now we’re talking about taking the kids to see the pyramids. They’re getting older and I think that would be great for them to do. But ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by the pyramids.”

Tell me about the REM line in the first verse: “I’m such an REM fan, and REM did so much for my career, we wanted to be REM, Hootie wanted to be REM, so when we wrote that line, I was hooked.”

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