Dustin Lynch’s Surprise Single

When Dustin Lynch released his album Current Mood, he said it described where he was at the time.  Obviously, his “mood” has changed a bit since last September, because he just released a brand new song that he wrote since that album was released.  The song is called “Good Girl,” and Country Countdown USA spoke with Dustin about writing the song, and then rush releasing it:

How’d this song happen? “This song just came out of nowhere. I wasn’t writing specifically to have new music this year. I’m still loving the Current Mood album, and still want to get to some songs off that album.  This song came out of thin air, me and some buddies were on the road, writing in Chicago, and next thing we knew, we felt Summer 2018 needs to hear this.  Music is always morphing into something new, and for whatever reason, our taste buds, at least mine, felt like Good Girl was made for this summer, so we had to put it out.”

The song Good Girl begins with the chorus.  Is that how you wrote it? “That’s the way, yeah, when we wrote it, it wasn’t something that happened in the studio, a production idea. It was just how we wrote the song. That melody is so infectious, it’s just how we decided to start it, and it gives us a chance to hear the chorus five times!”

That’s my other question, is there a bridge in this song? “No! Not really.  It’s chorus, verse, chorus, two verses, and then three choruses. It’s been it’s own character, and hopefully will continue to be it’s own thing.”

Who was the first artist you played this for?  “I can’t remember. I kept it pretty tight. Even my close friends, who I send all my demos to, whenever we decided to come with this song, I didn’t want it to leak. I do remember telling Brian Kelley of FGL that something was coming.  Actually Luke Bryan was the first, and then Brian Kelley is who I told that we were about to flip the script on everybody. By the time I told them, I already had it recorded, and had our plan to roll this thing.”

So the song starts and ends cold: “We kicked around, we had days of trying to figure out how to start the song with an instrumental so DJs could talk over it, and we couldn’t find anything that felt right, and we didn’t want to take away what hooked us to the song in the first place which was this chorus. You think back to a song like Cruise for FGL, it’s the same thing. It is tough, we tried, but couldn’t find something that made sense.”

There is one note before the chorus hits, which I imagine is so you can find the key when you sing it? “Yeah, it happened by accident.  It’s an off-timed lick on a resonator guitar with a slide that happened. So it’s kind of left footed from this git-go, when that intro hits, but it makes it it’s own thing. From day one, it’s been unique and a special song.”

Where is it in the show? “We’ve only done it twice, but it’s down near the end. I’ve just been blown away with how many people are singing it.  We do it, then Small Town Boy, and Seein’ Red.  Leave ’em with that. Go out with a bang”

So what’s the plan with the album? “We don’t have one right now. We have zero plan. This song came out of nowhere, and I’d love to get back to the album. We’re gonna see where the wind blows us. We have a couple songs on the Current Mood album that I’ve loved to go back to.  It would be bizarre but why not, there are no rules.  I’m going to continue to write, and if I find something that feels as good as Good Girl did and raises its hand and says I need to be out now, then we’ll go that route, but if not, I have a game plan.”

Maybe repackage the Current Mood album with this song? “I don’t know, that could be.  I’ll leave that up to the label. I’ll just continue to write and record songs I believe in, and leave the rest to the label.”

Listen to “Good Girl:”

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