Luke Combs Loved Brit Tour

Earlier this year, Luke Combs made his first trip to Europe, to perform on the annual Country 2 Country Festival.  The festival takes place in several cities, including London, Glasgow, and Dublin.  Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton spoke with Luke about his first trip abroad.

Is it what you expected? “The crowds in Europe listen to the songs.  It’s not always a party.  They’re there to take in the music, which is different from the US.  They were processing it more, maybe because we don’t come over there as much.  I didn’t do much sightseeing, because I was really busy.  Big Ben was under construction.  But it was totally a different experience.  I had never traveled overseas, it was a whole experience and it was really cool. It’s similar, you can tell you’re not in the states, there’s a different vibe to everything. Obviously the accents are different, and the cars being on the other side of the road, that’ll throw you off for a long time.”

How about the food? “It was good. I’m a huge breakfast guy, and they’ve got breakfast figured out.  A full English breakfast, if you’re hungry after that, there’s something wrong with you.  I love meats, sausage, and the food was hearty.  I think the fast food is better.  It’s the same companies, but it felt like it was different.”

How about the Irish pubs? “We had what they call a toasty, which is a grilled cheese, but they call it a toasty, or something like that.  And we had some Guinness, some fresh Guinness, it was cool.”

Luke Combs will be going back to England for more shows in October.

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