David Lee Murphy Returns

It’s been almost 15 years since David Lee Murphy was a co-host on the Countdown. The year was 2004, and the song was “Loco.” He’s back in our Top 5 with the song “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” and he told Lon the credit goes to Kenny Chesney: “Kenny was the brainchild behind this whole thing. So I’ve got him to thank for all of it.”

David Lee went on to say this was the culmination of a friendship that goes back a long time: “I’ve written songs for Kenny over the years: Living In Fast Forward, Pirate Flag, Til It’s Gone, and Bar At the End of the World. He called me one night and said ‘You need to think about making another record.’ He suggested that he and his producer would help me, and that was the perfect situation for me.”

The song came later: “We had all the songs picked out for the album, and then I wrote this song, and intended it for Kenny. It’s got a Kenny vibe. But we ended up putting it on mine. It was for his last record and it didn’t fit on that album. That’s when we started talking about putting it on my record.”

In the last few weeks, David Lee has been showing up at Kenny’s stadium shows in Milwaukee and Atlanta. He told Lon it’s been special to sing the song with Kenny in front of that audience: “It’s beyond cool. I just saw a picture of Kenny & I in Atlanta, and I was probably about to lose my mind. To have Kenny sing that song with me, to see all those people, they’re giving the love, and when you feel the crowd giving back, that’s cool.” 

David Lee says Kenny is excited to now have two songs in the Top 10: “We’ve talked about how it would be cool for us both to have songs in the Top 10 together. It’s fascinating for Kenny, for his career, and now he has two songs in the Top 10. It’s pretty cool. Get Along is a highlight of Kenny’s show. Everybody sings along with Kenny. It’s a hit song.”

Recently, David Lee has been writing with another guy in the Top 30: Justin Moore: “We were just in the Gulf Coast writing songs for his new project. We had a great time, we were there for three days, we had guitars, drank coffee, and wrote country songs.” Lon asked if he got to do some fishing on this trip? “We were watching basketball during that time. We’re all sports nuts, so we watch basketball and talk about hunting and fishing. But we worked the whole time. I told my wife, ‘We worked the whole time.'”

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