Dan & Shay Tour w/Flatts

Dan & Shay have often cited Rascal Flatts as their musical heroes.  Now the duo is actually touring with the group.  Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton asked the guys how it feels to do a tour with their idols:

Shay told Lon, “Gary has been so kind to us, we’ve spent many long nights on the bus.” Dan said, “They had a sleepover the first night of the tour!” “We did, we were supposed to leave at 2, and Gary asked me to ride with him. I think we were up til 4 AM. He sings my songs, and sings them better than I do. If Gary is feeling bad, I can stand in for sure.”

Practical jokes began that first night as well, according to Dan: “Those guys are crazy, they had a bunch of cakes with our pictures on them. We were skeptical about the cake. But after a while, we gave it a try, and it was one of the best cakes in the world, and it might have been laced with something, but it was mighty good.”


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