Keith Urban’s Traveling Family

Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman each lead very busy lives.  Keith is a touring artist, and Nicole travels the world making movies.  But they’re both committed to keeping their family together, and that means a lot of travel for not only them, but also their two children.  Keith talked about that with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton.

You just celebrated your 12th wedding anniversary.  Were you able to be together? “Yeah! We were actually in California, because Nic is filming Big Little Lies 2.  So she’s been out there for the last month and a half, so we just relocated as a family out there. Just recently she wrapped that part of it, and we’re back in Nashville now.  But so we had our anniversary out there.”

The logistics can be crazy, right? “Yes, that’s right, and it’s to keep the family together. So it’s a lot of travel. Wherever Nic goes to shoot a film, normally we completely go as a family.  We have a tutor for the girls if they have to be out of school. We just keep the family together. In the last few years, Nic shot films in Morocco, Scotland, London, Belgium, we just go, this little band of gypsies.  In California, what Nic realized was they miss their friends.  So we bring the friends to LA. We bring Nashville to LA.  We have two cats, and we even bring the cats out there.  So they’ve got their cats, they’ve got their friends, and they feel like they’re in Nashville.”


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