Chris Lane Channels Chesney

When you look at the cover of Chris Lane’s new album “Laps Around The Sun,” you see water, you see sand, and a pontoon boat.  Those are not accidental props.  Those things are a big part of where Chris is now in his life and his music.  He told Country Countdown USA that everything changed for him a few months ago:

“I was in Myrtle Beach SC playing the Carolina CountryFest, and the headliner was Kenny Chesney, and I’ve always been a big fan of his. But not only did he connect with me, but I saw how he connected with everybody there, and just created a certain atmosphere and vibe, and just the songs and how they can take you back to so many great memories in your life. I said in that moment that this is what I want my songs to do.  With this album specifically, my happy place is the beach or the lake or just summertime fun times that I always remember. That’s ultimately where I wanted this album to take me to. Ultimately that’s where I want it to take everybody else too.”

It’s been two years since Chris hit the scene with his debut #1 “Fix,” and in that time, he’s played a lot of shows, and experienced a lot of things. “Man it’s been a crazy two years, and here I am about to put out a new record, I’m glad to add some new songs to my set, it’ll add a different energy to my set. I think people will see the growth from my first album to now, and I can’t wait for that.”

The debut #1 really set the stage for where he is now: “I’m so lucky and blessed to have had success on my first record. I feel it was a great stepping stone. I started out here, and now I’ve made that step up. Now I have to use this new record to make that next step up, and keep building because I’d want to be the next Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan playing in the stadiums. That’s the ultimate goal.”

Chris went on to describe the sonic difference between his first album and the new one:  “My first record, there were so many progressive sounding songs. This album has a few progressive songs, but most of it are good old country songs, right down the middle, and then you have a song like Hero, I’ve never recorded a song like that.  It’s a message that won’t surprise my fans, it really hits home for me and I hope it touches people they way it touched me when I heard it.”

One of the new songs on Chris Lane’s new album that reflects this new sound and image is “Fishin.'” “Yeah that’s one of those songs, and I love seeing the reaction, people are out on the lake jammin’ to this song.  They’ve been posting videos, and this is exactly what I was going for. I hope they can do that with more songs on this album.”

In addition to creating new music, Chris says he’s also working on some videos: “I think what I’m trying to do is a slew of videos for a lot of songs, rather than just one for the single. It’s different from the last time. It took me a couple years, but I figured out what kind of artist I want to be.  I’d say that’s the biggest difference. Now I know!”

The new album starts off with his current Top 10 hit “Take Back Home Girl.”  “Yeah, I think it’s a good song that has a transition sound that has a progressive sound and a country lyric, so I feel it helped bridge the gap, and now on to a lot of these new songs, so hopefully people will see my growth.”

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