Jake Owen & Clint Eastwood

When he’s not on stage playing music or in the studio making records, you’ll likely find Jake Owen on the golf course,  Earlier this year, he played the annual AT&T Pro-Am Tournament at Pebble Beach, where he was paired with champion golfer Jordan Spieth, He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that he loves playing Pebble Beach:

“We all get together and play songs for Clint Eastwood, who’s the host of the tournament. That’s the thing anyone will tell you. Us in this country world, we get to do some cool things. But for us that are golfers, to be able to play with the world’s best golfers on the world’s most beautiful golf course, and be personally invited by Clint Eastwood to hang with him, and we all do little shows for him.  Charles Kelly joined us the last few years. For me, it’s my favorite week of the year.”

So do you have a chance to hang with Clint Eastwood? “Oh yeah, there’s been a couple times where we’ve chatted over a couple things, we shared a Modello, which was pretty great, he was having a Modello beer, and I said ‘I think I’ll have one of those as well.’ It’s one of those things you don’t figure to be in conversation. Everybody is so easy to work with out there. It’s pretty neat to see old Clint, he doesn’t have any handlers, he just walks around by himself. He walked out of the volunteer party by himself, he walked over to his Cadillac, some people asked him for his autograph, he said, ‘Yes,’ and walked into his own Cadillac and drove himself home.  That’s what’s so cool.  So some people may have a lot of people around them, but Clint Eastwood doesn’t!”

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