Jake Owen & Peyton Manning

Last year, Jake Owen was part of a celebrity fishing trip with Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, and football star Peyton Manning.  After a day of fishing, the four would get together for a sing-along by the campfire. Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton spoke with Jake about the experience:

“Yeah we got around that fire and started singing country songs and all kinds of songs, both Luke and Dierks are great at that.  Then you have Peyton Manning sitting there, singing along, and he loves 90s country.”

I think Dierks said Peyton is an enthusiastic singer: “He is, he just sings in that Peyton Manning voice, but he loves it, and if you sing with love & passion, then I give you that. It’s one of those weeks I feel lucky to do. I’m getting ready to do it again in August. Once you get to do it, you feel spoiled.  During that fishing trip, they drop you off on a desolate area in British Columbia.  You can be there fishing, and the helicopter pilot asks, ‘Do you want to eat lunch on top of that glacier over there?’ So we’d go up to the top of the glacier, he lands the helicopter on top of a glacier, and we just open our packed lunch for the day. In my mind, I’m thinking I’ve never been to the top of a glacier. Then I’m sitting here eating a baloney sandwich with Peyton Manning? Nobody’s gonna believe me.”

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