Jake Owen Remembers Vegas

Jake Owen was one of the artists in Las Vegas for last year’s fateful Route 91 Festival.  In fact he performed right before Jason Aldean, who was on stage as the shots were fired.  Jake told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that he recently has a reunion with Jason:

“We were together in Las Vegas on October 1st, I played before him, he went on stage, and that’s when all that craziness went down.  We hadn’t seen each other since then, so it was a cool reunion to see him and his band.  That was a tough night, and since then, I’ve seen a lot of people who were there for that Las Vegas show who have traveled to our shows.  It was a chance for me to say to Jason, ‘You alright?’ And he said for sure he is, we’re just carrying on, doing what we do, we’re just singers making people happy.  I bring that up just to say he is such a good guy, he’s dealt with a lot since then, I know people have asked a lot of questions, and it’s hard to talk about, I don’t bring it up, I do with you because I’m comfortable enough addressing that topic. But with Jason, what I love about him is he’s always stayed in his lane, he’s great at finding songs that fit with what he is. I really like him.”

It’s been interesting talking with the artists who were there for that show in Las Vegas.  Where were you? “I was standing on stage, 15 feet from Jason, I was there with a couple friends from Florida who had come up, and another buddy from Las Vegas, watching Jason do his thing, and that’s when we heard the first few shots. We all looked at each other and said, ‘Is that what I think it is?’ And at that moment, it was apparent that’s what was happening, because from that moment it went non-stop.  It seemed like for 15 minutes that you just hard bullets firing.  We were lucky enough, I don’t know why I ran the way I did, but I ran with my friends, thankfully they’re OK, I ran across the street and made it, but it was wild. Until someone brings it up, I go ‘Oh man, I was there.’  I don’t know if I subconsciously just tried to put it away in the back of my mind. But I meet a lot of people at shows who say they were there.  The great thing is they’re back out at a show because that’s what fuels us as artists. It was an unfortunate thing to do through, but in a way, I feel like it brought some understanding in my life about the importance we have as artists to people day to day, making them happy, healing them, as long as we’re doing that, no matter what it is, we’re doing our job, and that’s all we can do.”

Listen to Jake here:


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