Jake Owen’s Pearl Update

Jake Owen’s daughter Pearl is now 5 years old.  That means she’s about to start school.  Jake talked about Pearl with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“Pearl is getting ready to start kindergarten.  So this is a big deal.  She told me the other day, I asked her ‘What are you excited about with kindergarten?’ She goes, ‘I get to learn math, dad.’ I told her, You already know math.  If you have four apples, and someone gives you four more apples, how many apples do you have? She held up her hands with four, and held up her other hand, and she goes, ‘Eight?’ I said ‘Exactly, you do know math!’  It’s my favorite thing. She makes me so happy.  I have a lot of great people in my life, but this world is filled with people who filter what they say.  With kids, they don’t care how you feel when they say it. I love the honesty in what they say.”

Has she figured out what dad does for a living? “It’s funny you ask that.  Chris Janson has a little girl named Georgia. We were playing a show in Jackson TN.  We both brought our daughters with us for Father’s Day week. It was funny watching them play together. When Pearl is home with her friends, their dads aren’t country music singers. Georgia’s dad is a country music singer.  To Georgia, Pearl’s dad isn’t that cool because her dad does the same thing.  So it was funny, Pearl knew I was getting ready to go on stage, so Pearl says ‘OK I’m gonna go watch.’  Then Georgia says, ‘I don’t watch my dad anymore. I’m just gonna stay here and play.’  You could see Pearl was thinking about that, you mean I have the option to stay here and play? And she stayed and played, she didn’t care about dad anymore.  So it was cool to watch her with somebody else, that your dad is not that cool.  ‘Wait a minute, somebody else has a dad like my dad?’ It was cool to have them together like that.”

“She told me the other day, ‘Dad all of my friends love I Was Jack.’ We sing it together all of the time. But Barefoot Blue Jean Night…I love that song, but none of my friends don’t know that song.’ I told her, Pearl that song came out five years ago, and you weren’t even born when that song was out.  That’s why your friends don’t know it.”

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