Jake & Shania Real Country

Jake Owen will join Shania Twain and Travis Tritt on a new TV show this fall called “Real Country.”  Jake talked about the show with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton.

“A lot of people ask if it’s another singing competition, and it is.  It’s the same producers as The Voice.  It’ll be on the USA Network, and what sold me on it is they want to give exposure to singers, songwriters, artists who want to make an impact in country music, and it’s the only show that will focus on country music. Each week, there will be 6 or 8 contestants, and each night, one will be declared the winner. At the end of the show, after 8 episodes, one of them will be declared the overall winner. The great part is they’re not bound to any contract.  At the end they can sign with anyone. That’s what I like about it, because there are a lot of these competitions, but what these people are winning is exposure.”

Who decides who wins? “That’s judged by the three of us, me, Shania Twain, and Travis Tritt. I have a lot of love for classic country, but I love the progression it’s made. You have Travis Tritt, who has an appreciation for classic country, and made some classic country, and Shania Twain, who everyone knows. If anything I feel lucky to be a part of it with those two. Bringing a spotlight to country music is something I’m passionate about.”

Have the three of you talked yet? “We haven’t.  I haven’t talked to Shania. I thought they were joking when they told me they were thinking about getting Shania Twain. I said, ‘Stop it! Are you serious?’ And sure enough, she signed up, and then they got Travis Tritt. I’m excited. It’s fulfilling for me to watch people progress, and I feel I can bring a lot to the table.”

Listen to Jake talk about Real Country:


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