Carrie Underwood’s Moving Blues

Carrie Underwood & husband Mike Fisher bought a piece of property south of Nashville about 7 years ago.  In the past, she’s talked a lot about building a house on the property.  Now she’s closer to moving in to the new house.  Last year, she told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton she intended to get rid of some things before moving.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to get as much done as she intended:

“I’m such a failure! FAIL! I’ve got two boxes packed.  And we’re still building our house. It’s still in progress.  It’s going to take us a long time to move.  I know what’s going to happen, and this is my worst fear. I’m pretty sure our house will be finished around the time my album comes out. So I will be everywhere but home in September.  It’s terrible, because my husband will just pack everything and take it there. And that was the problem in the first place. When Mike moved to Nashville, we had a day to pack him and move him here. So we packed everything.  There are still things in boxes, clearly we don’t need them, because they haven’t been unpacked since then.  So I feel like that would happen again, and we’d have a giant mess in our new house.  I don’t want our new house to look like our old house.  I want us to take what we need, and make the rest disappear. If he moves us, and I’m not there, it’s over. Our new house will be crazy. That’s what’s gonna happen. I feel like such a failure right now.  But then, my house may not be done by then.  I hope in a year, we live there, and we’ve taken a minimal amount of our crap, and I hope everything has order & peace, calm & serenity in our new place.  But who knows, one year from now, I may once again say I’m such a failure!”

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