Old Dominion Show Highlights

Last April, Old Dominion was named the ACM Group of the Year. They told Lon they were completely surprised: “When they called our name it was like slow motion. It was quite a trip.” How does it change things? “It showed up we had support we didn’t know we had. It changed our perception of ourselves. Winning that award forces you to own it. People are viewing you that way. They’ll say, ‘I guess I should check them out.’ So our audience has grown and people are waiting to see if we can stay on.”

The guys just completed their third tour with Kenny Chesney. Lon asked about Kenny’s new “ice bath” regimen: “We did it a couple years ago. We make our own now. We fill a trash can with ice and water. I feel like there’s no better way to demonstrate the difference between Kenny’s level of touring and our level of touring.”

The band traveled the world in 2018. “We actually circled the globe. We went to UK, and then went to Australia. Glasgow is cool. We drank scotch there. That seems to be the city we’ve found our groove in.”

Old Dominion told Lon they will have new music released very soon. “We’ll have a new album probably first part of next year. Winning the ACM Award seemed like a moment that we had to capitalize on showing people what we have. It feels like the right moment for the new music.”

Last week, Dustin Lynch told Lon he has a jumping competition with Old Dominion. “We have a thing about who can jump the highest. Matt is the highest jumper because he’s not worried about playing music as much as the other guys.” That comment drew howls from the band: “Is that guitar even work? Is it plugged in?” Matt explained how he jumps: “You gotta tuck the legs back too. You gotta not be playing a complicated lick in the middle of your jump.”

Old Dominion also has great stories this week about Blake Shelton, Kelsea Ballerini, Granger Smith, Michael Ray, and Garth Brooks.

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