Maren Morris & Taylor Swift

Maren Morris was invited to perform with Taylor Swift at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.  Maren described the experience with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton:

“I was her special guest at the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium in Arlington.  That’s my hometown. My parents have a hair salon two blocks from the stadium. They worked all day and popped over to the show. I got to sing “The Middle’ with Taylor. I’d never met her before. I think the world of her, been a fan for ten years, it was crazy to hang out with her for the day, and just learn so much about running a stadium tour. The stage is massive, she takes it all in stride.”

When did you get there and what did you talk about? “I flew in around 11 in the morning, got to the stadium, did sound check, met her, and it was their last show of the tour, we just talked about songwriting, music, she was so gracious, such an amazing host, she made us feel so welcome, she never made us feel like she was too busy.”

From where did you watch her show? “I went out with her mom and my family to a VIP tent on the floor of the stadium, it had a great view of the stage. I’d never seen a production like that. A few weeks before, I saw Beyoncé and Jay Z, and Taylor’s show was even bigger. There was so much going on, every moment of the show is planned.”

Talk about The Middle: I knew it was going to be a big song, but didn’t expect it to be a world wide 6 week #1. That’s the reach for this kind of music.  When I toured South America, they knew it. Being from country music, it wasn’t expected, it was a surprise, but a good song is a good song. It’s catchy, everyone can sing along, it’s a massive hit. It was so fun, it’s one of my favorite parts of the show.

So what was it like doing it with Taylor? It was the only time I performed that song in a stadium. She was like, ‘Hey I’ll take the second verse,’ we knew the second that chorus hit in the stadium, everyone would go crazy. It was so fun, her stage is so big, I was out of breath. It was the loudest crowd reaction I’ve ever had.”

Listen to Lon & Maren:

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