Brad Paisley’s CMA Preview

Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood will co-host the CMA Awards for the 11th straight year this Wednesday.  We caught up with Brad at his Nashville area home to get a preview.

What can we expect? It’s the kind of year where, here’s the rule: What’s fun. What’s fun to talk about? That’s our rule. We’re not talking about heavy things. Last year was a heavy year. This year is a fun year. Lot of fun things to talk about. The writing is going great.

It wouldn’t be fun if someone would have a baby: “She looks further along than she is. That would be a pretty early baby. But you think I’m not ready?  You think we don’t have a satellite truck ready? We have the route to the hospital ready. We have a TV show figuring that out.  We want a great angle. That could be the greatest awards show of all time.

So pregnancy humor is on the table? Yes! I think it works. My stupidity is the constant through it all. She did us a lot of favors this year. Thanks Carrie, we needed something fun to talk about that no one would be offended by.”

How did the parodies come about? It was so quick, it wasn’t like we knew we were hosts 6 months out. I knew the first time we did parodies it would work. We were already this great brother & sister thing.  I did David Letterman that year and Michael Buble came out and sang jazz parodies as the Top 10 list.  So I wrote Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Kanye.  We were off and running from there.

Are things fluid in the script? Our script is never fully a script until Monday when we get it in order. We start in August to see what we can talk about. But it’s always early. It’s in flux at this point.

What is your boundary? Carrie.  She will tell me. When something doesn’t feel right to her, we shouldn’t do it. Funny is relative. You have to weigh the risks. I’m glad the election will be over by then. We can just stand there and talk about music.

What have you dropped? Oh I’d have to think. Every year there’s something. Sometimes there’s a special guest drops out. The year we had Shatner as a storm trooper was the year someone dropped out.  It was great, a great social media moment. But one of the greatest hits we had was when Carrie was pregnant, her baby gender reveal, so we have some opportunities this year for similar things.

How about Carrie’s wardrobe changes? What’s humanly possible.  That’s your answer. She does have a speed bump in the changing process.  She looks further along than she is.  It’s all stomach. She’s carrying around a ball. So it’ll be interesting to see how many she does.  I think they should do the earth. A dress that’s the earth in the middle. Play off the big watermelon.

Are you compiling ideas? Yes we do. There are times when I wish certain things would happen closer. Towards the end of the summer, it becomes more obvious what should be in there. Let me give you an example of a text from her. On Monday I wrote her ‘Look up burrito-gate.’  She wrote ‘Cardi B exits a bash with her butt out.’  That was interesting, but it’s already old.  Its funny, she does the research.

In addition to co-hosting the show, Brad will debut a new single called “Bucked Off.” The 52nd Annual CMA Awards will take place Wednesday November 14th on ABC-TV.

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