Garth Brooks CMA Preview

Garth Brooks is the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year, but he’s not nominated for anything this year.  Nonetheless, he will perform on this year’s CMA Awards show Wednesday night.  He spoke with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton about the song he will perform:

Tell me about this song: “Trisha asked me last night, ‘Are really not gonna play this for anybody else until that moment?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ “I knew that’s what you started doing but I thought you’d break at some point. So I keep rehearsing by myself. Once you hear this song, you’re not gonna believe it was written by two guys.  Just amazing.”

At some point, you weren’t going to do this song: “That’s right, we told them what we wanted to do, and they said ‘ballads are tough for a TV show, especially one nobody’s heard.’ Then they came back and asked how I’d do it, and I said I’d pull a chair on the floor, put Miss Yearwood in it, and sing it with just me and a guitar.  They said that’s the difference. There’s the bigness of how small it gets.  It’s either gonna be a trainwreck, or it’ll work.”

How will you introduce it? I’d love for it to be someone known for the song. Songwriter, a Kristofferson, James Taylor, Dolly Parton. Focus on the song, because that’s all I care about. I can tell you this…if you’re a guy who can’t find the words to describe who you’re with, this will be your song. Because it’s that for me. This song says it better than I ever could on my best day.

Who wrote it? Two guys, cowboy buddies, you don’t know.  God was in the room when they write it. We talk about Me Too, we talk about women’s inequality. To that, I say, don’t set the bar that low. Men’s strength comes in muscle. Woman’s strength comes from her heart. Its a different strength, and when you look at it in comparison, their strength is much greater. That’s what this song talks about. She knows her strength, and that makes all the difference.  So hats off and I hope as an artist I can do this song the honor that it deserves on that night. We’ll see.

Trisha is OK with sitting in a chair? I don’t think she has a choice. I told her she doesn’t have to sit on the stage. Just put on out in front of the front row, just sit in it like the queen, and me & you will talk for a few minutes through music.

The song’s title has not been announced, but it will be Garth’s next single, and will be released to radio on Thursday.  You can see Garth Brooks perform this song during the 52nd annual CMA Awards, Wednesday night on ABC-TV.

Listen to Lon & Garth’s conversation:


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