ICYMI: Garth Brooks Busy Month

This week, Garth Brooks co-hosts the Countdown with Lon, with his newly-released Anthology Part 3, the upcoming TV special Garth At Notre Dame, and his 2019 stadium tour. “I thought we’d have this year off, but we’ve been extremely busy. It’s a lot more fun to be busy, than to look for work.”

First on the table is the Anthology Part 3. Garth explained he’s working out of sequence. “There’s a Part 2 that hasn’t come out yet. Two is coming. They won’t be in sequential order. We wanted to do the Live anthology now. It focuses on our tours, from the first to last year’s comeback tour. Part 5 will be the comeback. The comeback may be two books. We’ll see how many Anthologies there are when it comes to the comeback, because this is a good chapter.”

Last month, Garth headlined the first concert in Notre Dame Stadium, and he says it was an amazing experience: “This stadium is perfect for concerts. The sound is amazing. It was built for football, but it’s perfect for music. The fans came, they were into it. They tailgated, they painted up in team colors, they did the wave, sang their butts off, and it was a fun show.” The concert airs next Sunday on CBS-TV.

Last week, Garth debuted a new song, “Stronger Than Me,” on the CMA Awards. He described it this way: “If you’re a guy who has somebody you love to death, but you can’t put it into words, this will be your song. This song says it better than I ever could. Men’s strength comes in muscle. A woman’s strength comes from her head and her heart. Her strength is greater than ours, and that’s what this song is about.”

“Stronger Than Me” and “All Day Long” will be on Garth’s next studio album. Lon asked when we might see that: “I’m not sure. Right now I enjoy surprising radio. It’ll be a lot of fun to play these new songs during the stadium tour. You’ll probably see the album sometime after the tour starts.”

Speaking of the stadium tour, Garth promises an all-new stage: “I’m going to scrap the stage we used in Notre Dame and start brand new. In a stadium, it has to get bigger so everyone can see. There are a lot of alterations that are coming. We’ll kick off in St. Louis, then head to Phoenix. Good places where country music thrives, and I hope the folks turn out.”

Before the CMA Awards, Garth got a chance to speak with Keith Urban. He said the conversation was more about kids than music: “We took a picture together, and started talking. I got to know how he feels as a dad, as an entertainer, as a husband of someone who’s married to entertainer, so we have a lot in common. You hang around guys like Keith Urban, and you’re gonna know his kids are first on his list.”

Garth & Lon talked about an unforgettable night in downtown Nashville last summer. “I’m doing a photo shoot at Layla’s, which is right next door to Tootsie’s. We have a break, and the band at Tootsies breaks into ‘That Summer.’ I go next door through the back door, walked on stage, and hugged the lead singer while he’s singing my song. He wasn’t sure who I was, but a guy in the audience shouts ‘It’s Garth!’ Then he says, ‘I can’t let you go, let’s do ‘Ain’t Goin’ Down.’ That place became electric. It was one of the most fun times I got to play.”

Garth also has great stories this week about Chris Janson, Scotty McCreery, Chris Young, Keith Urban, and Midland.

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