Podcast: Eric Church Desperate Album

This week, Eric Church co-hosted the countdown with Lon Helton.  During the countdown, they also talked in detail about many of the songs on Eric’s new album Desperate Man.  It was a very wide-ranging conversation about Eric’s process of making the album, writing the songs, and recording them in the studio.  There was so much detail in their conversation that we wanted to present it as it’s own show, unedited and without interruption.  We decided the best was to do that was in a podcast.  So this way, you can hear the full context of the conversation in a way that we can’t do in the countdown.  Some of the stories are in the radio show, but most of this podcast is being heard here for the first time.  We hope you’ll find it to be a helpful and useful companion to Eric’s album.  So sit back and enjoy this trip inside the creative mind of Eric Church.

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