Mitchell Tenpenny’s Debut #1

This week, Mitchell Tenpenny’s “Drunk Me” was the #1 song in the USA.  Since it’s Mitchell’s first #1, Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton and his co-host Dustin Lynch called Mitchell to congratulate him.

Congratulations on your first #1: (Mitchell) “This is so crazy I don’t know what’s going on.  I thought only Dustin Lynch got #1s.”

(Dustin) We were talking about how a hit song changes everything, and I imagine you’ve seen that: (Mitchell) Oh no doubt, from Dustin taking us out last year, it’s been momentum after momentum, that’s exactly what it’s done it’s changed our lives.”

So where were you when you got the news? :”We were on our way back home from a show in Georgia, so it was around midnight, the label called, and I just broke down in tears, it was a long time comin’ a big dream.”

(Dustin) Did you pour a toast?) “We did, you know us, it was just the band, we took a bunch of shots, got home at 5AM, and went to bed.”

(Lon) You’ll be going on tour in 2019 with Old Dominion? “Yes we love those guys, excited to go on the road, they’ve given us a chance, as Dustin did.”

(Lon) Tell me about that tour: (Dustin) We were doing the Ride Or Die Tour in 2017, and I came across Mitchell in town as a fan of songwriters, you hear him sing, and can’t help ask ‘Who the hell is that?’ I knew he’d get my touring rocking, and thankfully he said yes.”

(Mitchell) That was our first real tour ever, so we got to play for Dustin’s fans, and got to see how a real tour works and we love their team, they’re amazing, so thank you, Dustin, it meant a lot.”

Listen to Lon & Dustin speak with Mitchell Tenpenny:

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