Chris Stapleton’s Baby Watch

This week, the top ACM nominee, Chris Stapleton, co-hosts the Countdown. He tells he expects to attend this year: “I will, although I don’t know if my wife will.” His wife Morgane is expecting their fifth child in a few months. Will Chris perform? “That’s the plan at the moment.” Will you do Millionaire or something else? “Right now it’s something else. I’ve probably told you too much.”

Who did Chris hear from after he received 6 nominations? “I got a text from Keith Urban, just a congrats kind of thing, He’s one of the most thoughtful guys. He sent me a book on the history of guitars once with a nice little note. No real reason, just thought I’d like it. He’s super-thoughtful. It’s a full time job to be that thoughtful, and he truly is.”

Chris recently attended the Grammy Awards. While there, he took part in a tribute show for Dolly Parton, and performed her hit “9 To 5.” Lon said he was surprised by the choice. Chris replied, “Me too. I sat next to Dolly at the Grammy Awards, and she said, ‘You know I’ve never heard a man sing that song.’ I said, ‘Me neither.’ We had fun and Dolly didn’t throw anything at me.”

Tony Bennett also happened to be near Chris at the Grammys: “The coolest thing I got to do, Tony Bennett & I were nominated in the same category. He happened to be sitting near me. I couldn’t resist, so I got up and so I got up to say hello, and he was gracious enough to shake my hand. It’s Tony Bennett, man, you gotta do those things in those moments.”

Chris and his wife Morgane had twins a year ago. He tells Lon they’re already pretty active: “They went to London with us, we have tiny passports for the twins. It’s the funniest thing in the world to look at a passport photo of a baby.”

Lon wrapped up his conversation with Chris by asking if he’s begun work on some new music: “No. I’ve written a few things for other projects, made a few guest appearances, but no. We set out to make a record in December, and something wasn’t right, so we shut down, and haven’t rescheduled it We’ll get in when it feels like the right time, but it isn’t right now.”

Chris also has great stories this week about Brothers Osborne, Willie Nelson, Maren Morris, Keith Urban, and Matthew McConoughey

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