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This week, Eric Church joins Lon to co-host the Countdown. Eric’s song “Some Of It” is in the Top 5, and Eric says, “The biggest thing about this song is it was not going to be on the album. This is one of those that slid in at the very end. The album was done without ‘Some of It’ on it, and it ended up being one of the pillars of the record.”

A few weeks ago, Eric headlined a sold out concert at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium. He told Lon, “To me, if you came to me in 2006, and wrote a movie based on my career, that movie would have ended with that show. It’s almost something you could not believe. For me, that was the best show I’ve ever been a part of. It was one of the most special things I’d done.”

Eric actually has two songs in the Top 20. His own single, “Some Of It,” and Keith Urban’s current hit “We Were.” He explained how the song got to Keith: “This was one of the songs that was in the running for my current album. For some reason it didn’t make the album. Everything that I couldn’t make that song, he made that song. Songs get to where they’re supposed to get. He did a lot better than I could have done, it sounds great.”

A few months ago, Cole Swindell went to Eric’s shows in St. Louis. Eric said, “He came to both shows and sat at the sound board. After the second show, he had a bottle of wine on my bus and he told me ‘I’ve always tried to make music the way your music makes me feel.’ Too many times when artists come to shows, they’re expected to sing. I’ve never done that.”

In June, Eric attended a Bob Seger concert in Detroit. Seger is on his Farewell Tour. Eric said, “Seger was a guy who saved my career early on. My first year, when I couldn’t get any work, he asked me to open for him. So now as he’s doing his final tour, I told him I wanted to be there. We got to hang with him for an hour. For me, if you give me one artist, it would be Bob Seger. I think you hear more of his influence in my music than anyone. So I was a fan at his show.”

Just last week, Luke Combs went to Eric’s shows in Washington State. Eric said, “He parked for two days and he was a fan. He brought his bus, he camped, and brought his wife. There’s a driving range right behind the stage. He steps up and hits some balls, and when he steps down, he twists his ankle, almost broke it, and needed medical attention. He’d been there an hour. What I loved about it was he came to see the show. Even with his foot in a boot, he was there both nights and enjoyed the show.”

Eric performed at CMA Fest a few weeks ago, but it was not what anyone expected. Eric explains why: “I didn’t know how to top what I had done a few weeks before. I didn’t plan to do an acoustic set until an hour before. My band was there. I wanted that passion back. I told the band to go home, and I just performed for the fans.”

Eric also has great stories this week about Jon Pardi, Thomas Rhett, Morgan Wallen, and Chris Stapleton.

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