Chris Lane: I Am Competitive

This week marks Chris Lane’s first appearance as Lon’s co-host: “I’m so excited to be here, I’ve been waiting for this moment. This is another check off the old bucket list.”

When Chris performed his current hit “Take Back Home Girl” on the Today show a couple weeks ago, it was only the second time he’d sung it with duet partner Tori Kelly: “The first time was on Jimmy Fallon. To jump on TV and do it live was nerve-wracking. I’ve known how great a singer she is, but to watch her kill it was really amazing. It made me nervous just standing beside her because she’s so great.”

Chris has an identical twin brother, Cory, who plays drums in his band. They’ve been playing music together since they were kids. But Chris said they’re very competitive with each other: “There are some days when it gets heated. When we’re on the golf course, things get heated. We played golf last week with Cole Swindell and his guitar player, and they laughed so hard at how competitive we are. My putter barely touched the ball, and he counted that as a stroke, and he beat me by one. We create arguments with each other over small stuff like that. That’s what brothers do.”

On the subject of golf, Chris told Lon he’s played with Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley: “I played with Charles in the TPC pro-am in Phoenix this year. That was a real treat. If you love golf, you know what I’m talking about. He’s a really good golfer. Jake is great, Kip Moore is great. I did one with Aaron Rogers and Joe Don from Rascal Flatts. They make it fun. I’ve never played with Darius, but I bet he’s hilarious.”

Competition was a running theme in this week’s show. Chris headlined his own tour last winter, and brought Morgan Wallen as his opening act. The two have become good friends, and that means there’s some competition: “He & I love to play golf as well. We’re actually in a mullet-growing contest. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m going to go all in, I’m in the shape of one now. Morgan has taken it ten steps further, and he’s currently beating me right now.”

Sometimes the competition will involve a sport Chris doesn’t usually play. For example, he told Lon he’s part of a bet that involved Russell Dickerson’s wife: “He says his wife is good at tennis. I’m competitive at anything whether I’m good at it or not. We have bet going on that his wife can beat me in tennis. I’m still waiting to play this match. Everybody has put their money on her. They don’t know if I’m good or not. But I can’t wait to take everyone’s money. I have confidence in myself that I can pull this off.”

Chris also has great stories this week about Kenny Chesney, Old Dominion, , Keith Urban, and Florida Georgia Line.

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