Dierks Bentley’s Presidential Trip

Dierks Bentley was part of a group of country stars who performed at the White House last fall.  He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that it was appropriate to perform his current hit, “Home,” at such an historic location: “A chance to go to the White House, which is kind of our nation’s home, to sing a song called “Home,” to play that song in that place with the President not that far away, that was really cool.  DC and political stuff, I can’t stand it, but when you get to Washington, and see all the old buildings, walk around the White House, and the history, and start thinking of the history of this country, and the ideals on which it’s founded, and all of a sudden, DC is a real cool city.  Out of my hotel window I could see the Washington monument.  As you can see from my boots, I love old stuff.  So I was honored to be there, I really was.”

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Dierks was able to spend some time in the White House, and he told Lon he got to know some of the security guards: “I was in and out of the White House for two days, and got to know the security guys with the big guns, and I wanted to go on the roof and check out the snipers up there.  I asked if I could, and I don’t know if it’s urban legend, but the rumor is that Willie Nelson went up on the roof and smoked a little smoke.  I thought that was cool, so I wanted to go on the roof.  That didn’t happen, it was kind of raining.  I went to the basement.  There’s a bowling alley down there, so I got to “roll one.” A different kind of one, a bowling ball!  It was killer.  I had my phone out, went to Google maps, and they have that blue dot, and I couldn’t get that blue dot to show up in the White House.  But eventually I found a place where I could take a picture of my screen.”

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