George Strait’s Grandson “Harvey”

On February 2nd, George Strait became a grandfather, as his son Bubba and wife Tamara became the parents of a baby boy.  A couple days later, George mentioned the birth during a show in Phoenix.  But George hadn’t confirmed the name of the boy until he spoke with Lon Helton of Country Countdown USA: “He’s a ‘third.’  Just saw him yesterday, he’s really growing, and I think they’re gonna call him Harvey.  It’s kind of sticking.  That’s my middle name, and that’s what we’re calling him.  George Harvey Strait III.  I’m so proud of him.  Everybody told me I was gonna love it, and I have to say so far they’re right.  I kept telling Bubba how much their lives were gonna change, and they’re realizing it now.  Their sleeping habits have changed drastically, but he’s a pretty good boy.  He’s sleeping pretty good.”

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George performed a show in Phoenix two days after little Harvey was born.  He referenced the new addition after performing the song “I Saw God Today.”  George told Lon it was an appropriate song to mention the baby: “Fortunately I wasn’t on the road when the baby came, I was able to be there at the hospital, and what a miracle that is to see the little kid.  And today the ultra sound pictures are amazing.  You almost know what they’re gonna look like before they come out.  But to finally see that little miracle come out, it’s like seeing God.”

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