Luke Bryan Ready To Rock

Monday night, Luke Bryan and Kimberly Perry co-host the CMA Music Festival TV special.  Luke joined Lon Helton on Country Countdown USA, and described some of his favorite moments from the show: “We got a chance to plan some fun stuff with Lady A, and I got to interview Faith Hill, and to interview Faith in the middle of the stage in the middle of CMA Music Fest was surreal.  One thing we joked about is if she was wearing her own perfume, and I also asked who’s more of the prima dona, her or Tim, and she got Tim on that one.  So I look back, and I really wasn’t nervous at the time, and I’m very excited to see how it turns out.”

How was it on the asking side of the question? You wanna have fun and let the fans see into the world of the artists, so you wanna have fun, but not be too goofy.  I have to be careful about being too goofy, it’s part of my personality to over-goof things.  But you try to walk that fine line of doing a good job at trying to interview and have some fun with it.”

What did you do with Lady Antebellum? “We got some dry-erase boards and gave them each one, and asked who spends the most time getting ready, and I think Charles was the name they all picked, and I wasn’t surprised by that.  It’s always nice being around them, joking and having fun.”

Did you interview anyone you didn’t know? “I interviewed Hunter Hayes, and had some fun with him.  We found as many random instruments as we could find, and I made him play accordians, dulcimers, he sat there long enough and figured out how to play something on it, so he’s a talented guy.  I think the kazoo stumped him most of all.”

What was your favorite part of the show? “You do all these things to play your music on stage.  We did Country Girl, and my monitor pack fell off my belt, and flew across the stage.  Meanwhile, I’m chasing after it on stage.  So the producer of the show came out and told me we had to do it again, so I had to do Country Girl twice.  I also did a lot of my taping from the sound board in the audience, so I got to watch a lot of the performances, I got to watch Eric Church and Little Big Town, so it was fun for me to be out in the middle of it all.”

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