Little Big Town’s First #1

It was a beautiful fall day in Nashville on Friday.   The perfect day for a Pontoon Party!  And that’s exactly what happened.  Little Big Town and the writers of their #1 hit Pontoon gathered on the roof of the BMI Building in Nashville to celebrate topping both the radio airplay and album sales charts in the same week.  Before the party, the group told us where they were when they got the news:  “We were on the road.  We were grilling out with Rascal Flatts.  It was Saturday, college football Saturday, and all of a sudden, we all got the text.  We found each other and and we’re like, woo-hoo, both raised our arms up high like we scored a touchdown.  Then we got some bottles of champagne, because our band played on that song, so we had a champagne toast, and we’re still toating!”  In addition, their latest CD, “Tornado,” debuted at the top of the sales chart, with over 112,000 copies sold. Karen said, “We died when we saw that number.  We heard rumors that it might sell as many as 100,000, and we died.  Then we started buying extra copies, because we didn’t want to end up with 99,999.  We should each buy a couple copies, so when we saw the 112, we couldn’t believe it. Is there such a thing as comprehensive joy? It compounds.  It’s really sweet.”  They said they’ve heard from a lot of their friends: “It’s been absolutely beautiful.  The tweets, industry friends, Keith Urban did one of You Tube, little things like that maes us feel amazing, so we feel that love & support from the community.”




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