Taylor Swift Previews Red Tour

Red Tour

Taylor Swift’s 2013 Red Tour begins March 13th in Omaha.  Her Speak Now tour was a huge success, selling out venues around the world.  So this new tour has very big shoes to fill.  Taylor discussed details about the tour with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton: “Planning the Red Tour started 8 months ago.  That’s when I started conceptualizing what the stage would look like.  I really wanted this tour to look completely different from the Speak Now tour, because I was so proud of the Speak Now tour.  I wanted this to have a different vibe.  We have the stage designed.  It’s being put up in a warehouse as we speak.  I’ve been rehearsing with my band for about a month.  When we put the stage together with the music, that’s when it gets exciting.”

Lon then asked Taylor to compare the looks of the two tours: “The way that I look at the visuals for the Speak Now Tour, is it was very fantasy oriented, a very princessy vibe, it was much more straight up theater.  With this Red Tour I’m not sure what it will look like exactly but I think more of a concert experience.  There may be some elements of theater, but it’s going to look more like this record looks.  You’ll have some costumes, but not all costumes.  Like maybe a few less gowns.  There won’t be costume-costumes, but more like outfits.  That’s a girly thing to say though.”

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