Blake Shelton’s New Bromance

Blake kissBlake Shelton is a very friendly guy.  First, Trace Adkins told us that Blake wanted to kiss him.  Then we heard the stories of a “bromance” between Blake and Voice coach and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine.  Now we have proof of the latest victim of Blake’s affections.  Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton! 

It happened last March.  Blake’s record label invited radio programmers, including Lon, for a listening party for Blake’s new album.  When Blake joined Lon this weekend, it was their first chance to talk about that party, and Blake explained the circumstances this way: “I’m not trying to give away too much, but I bet you in that picture, ONE of us had been drinking.  I’m not gonna say who.”  Then Lon said, “And ONE of us is kissing the other.” Blake responded, “You know the news is out, we’re all in the tabloids these days, and I can see you & me in the next cover of one of those trash magazines, that picture of you & I making out, and our affair, and now Miranda’s looking for you, she’s gonna burn your house down.”  Lon said, “It’ll take the heat off you.” “That’s right!  They’ll be after you now!  I like to change it up to keep it inetersting!”

The best news? It wasn’t on the lips.

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