McGraw Girls Affect His Music

Tim Faith 4-17-10Tim McGraw loves his three daughters.  When they were born, he and his wife Faith Hill decided to put their family first, and career second.  So Tim has been there for them as they’ve grown up.  Along the way, they’ve played a part in his music.  He explained how with Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton: “I hear things I probably wouldn’t hear had I not been driving around a carload of cheerleaders.  I don’t think I’ve had control of my car radio for a long time unless I’m driving by myself.  But they love all kinds of music.  Love & Theft are on the road with us now, and they’re one of Gracie’s favorite bands.  But they love One Direction, Mumford & Sons, so there’s a wide variety of music they like.  There’s a piece we do in our live show by Imogen Heap, that’s a really cool piece.  It was something I hadn’t heard it before, but I heard it at my youngest daughter’s dance recital and they used it there, so we figured out a way to use it in our show.”

Tim’s daughters were also involved when it came time to do the video for his current hit, “Highway Don’t Care.”  Tim told Lon, “I didn’t want the video to be a love story, because it wasn’t a love story between the two singers, and my daughter Gracie actually had the original idea of creating a crash with the girl being distracted by her phone.  What intrigued me was me being the doctor, and the twist coming towards the middle.  It felt like a mini-movie.  I think it certainly has a great message, and gives you an interesting perspective on the song you might now have thought about.  I never thought about texting while driving.  I didn’t grow up with that.  But when you have a daughter who just turned 16, and another daughter who’ll turn 16 next year, so all of a sudden that’s the first priority in your mind.  I didn’t want to preach about it, but now that my daughter has a driver’s license, so I’ll be glad to preach about it.  It’s only been a couple weeks since Gracie has had her driver’s license, and now she drives her sister to school.  I still have to drive our youngest one, but now it makes life easier.  We figured out we have a lot more time now in the morning and afternoon.  She’s a great girl, all of them are, but she’s a good driver, she’s smart, conscientious, so you’ve got to hope and pray you did your best raising them.”

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