Jake Owen’s #1 Chesney Memory

Jake KennyJake Owen spent last year on Kenny Chesney’s Brothers Of The Sun Tour.  It was Jake’s second tour with Kenny, and the two became friends.  Jake told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton about his favorite Chesney memories: “I came out one night, I had a pair of blue patent leather boots made.  I thought they were awesome.  So I went on stage with Kenny & Tim McGraw, thinking these guys are gonna like my boots.  The first thing he does, in front of 60,000 people, is they go ‘Whoa! Look at the boots Jake has on!’  He goes, ‘Take ’em off right now!’  So I take ’em off, they all signed them, and they threw them into the crowd!  I’m sitting there thinking about how much I paid for them, and he threw them into the crowd.  So thanks Kenny.  He took me home a couple times too.  It’d be the end of the night, and I’d be walking back to my bus, with a 14 hour drive back home, and Kenny would stick his head out of his bus and say, ‘Hey man, you & your wife wanna fly back with me tonight?’  So that was really cool.  I remember leaving Philadelphia one night, that was really neat, we took off from the airport in his plane, and I look down and we’re flying over Eagles Stadium, and you could still see all the empty beer cans and the stage still sitting there lit up, and it occurred to me, how cool is this?  ‘You just played that football stadium and now you’re flying over it.’  I was there.  It was cool.  So when I said that to him, you could see how excited he was.  It was just as cool for him after all these years, to look down and see that, and to still be excited, he’s proud of what he’s done, he should be, I’m happy for him, he’s a good man.”

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