Jake Owen’s 1st Anniversary

Jake weddingJake Owen and his wife Lacey celebrated their first wedding anniversary on May 7th.  The two marked the day in a pretty unique way.  Jake explained it to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton: “I did something I thought was really cool for my wife.  When we got married, where we bought our house, we’re close to the golf club.  She was cool to let me join the golf club, and sneak away from time to time.  But she always said, ‘When I’m not pregnant, after I have this baby, I’d like to learn how to play golf.’   I thought, what can I get her that will surprise her?  So I got her a set of golf clubs and some lessons, and now she loves it and wants to go with me all the time.  Now my buddies say, ‘Dude that was the dumbest idea you ever had!  This was your getaway!’  But that’s OK.  I love to be with my wife.  Shes doin’ alright.  I gave her the clubs, we went to the course, they brought us some champagne on the driving range, we ate some strawberries, drank champagne, and I gave her a golf lesson.  I told her, ‘If my career ended tomorrow, it doesn’t matter, but you and our little girl is all that matters .  As long as I can be with you all the time, I love that.'”

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