Is Jana Domesticating Brantley?

Brantley-GilbertBrantley Gilbert presents a pretty tough exterior, dressed in black with tattoos and chains.  But has his relationship with Jana Kramer changed him?  As he co-hosted Country Countdown USA with Lon Helton, it sounded like he’s a little concerned.  He said, “If I get any more domesticated, I’m going to have to beat some random person up just to make sure I still got it!  I’m just kidding, I know I still got it. (laughs)”

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Brantley & Jana had been living in her East Nashville bungalow.  But he told Lon that he & Jana just closed on a new house.  So his life is changing in some ways.  “We just moved in this house, closed on it yesterday, we’re in the, or SHE’S in the decorating process, I should say, her and the interior designer.”

The latest addition to their lives is a dog they named Junior.  Brantley told Lon how they came to own Junior: “I live in the estrogen ocean.  My fiance’s mom lives with us too, and they both have girl dogs.  Jana had wanted a boxer since she was a baby.  So I finally broke and said, ‘OK we can get a boxer.’  She was like, ‘Can we get a female?’ And she had that face like, ‘we’re getting a female,’ and for once I put my foot down and said, ‘No, I need some masculinity in  this house, we’re getting a boy dog.’  So it turns out he was born on Valentine’s Day, and had a heart on his nose.  But we got ready to walk him, and she got the leash, and it was pink!  I took a Sharpie to it, and said  ‘You ain’t putting pink on that dog.  He ain’t a girl dog, he don’t want to be, just leave him alone!”

Junior is not the only dog in the house.  As we said, Jana has a female dog, but that’s only part of the story, according to Brantley: “She has a puggle.  It’s a beagle and pug mixed.  When I met her, she said, ‘If you love me, you gotta love my dog.’  I saw that dog, and I though ‘I’m in trouble!’  I don’t know if I  will ever love that dog.  But actually as it turned out, she’s the cutest thing ever, and I actually love the dog, she’s my little girl.”

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So they got past the dog phase.  The hard part is making the relationship work between two artists.   Brantley explained it this way: “You know what’s cool?  She’s my best friend in the world.  She lets me be me, she loves me for who I am.  She don’t try to change me.  She understands who I am, she knows my faults and the good parts, that’s what makes it awesome, I got the freedom  to screw up if it happens, my whole life has been a learning process.  So a little of that is changing.  She hasn’t settled me down.  Your boy ain’t goin’ nowhere, I ain’t sellin’ out, I ain’t sold not one motorcycle, I ain’t bought no Polo shirts with the collar on ’em, I ain’t bought no visors, you still got your boy, no tattoos have been removed!”

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