Senior Year for McGraw Daughter

Tim Faith 4-6-14Tim McGraw plans to focus on his family for the first half of 2015.  He told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton he wants his oldest daughter to have a memorable senior year:  “Well there’s a lot going on.   It’s Gracie’s senior year in high school, it’s her last few months at home.  We have a lot of colleges to visit, she hasn’t picked one yet. She’s got a pretty good idea, but she’s got a couple she wants to see first.  I want her to get out from under our umbrella, and find herself.  I want her to go wherever she wants, and experience life.

After that, how about touring in 2015? I think we’ll start in June.  I’ll also work on different things, different music projects that I’m working on.

How about the movie, Tomorrowland?  “I think it comes out Memorial Day.  I finished up a few more things in October.  I went up to Vancouver and shot a few more scenes.  They’re always adding new things, and it’s amazing the work that goes into making a movie.”

I know George Clooney is the star of that movie, so did you get an invite to his wedding?  “No I didn’t!  I was a little disappointed in that.  I wanted to go to Venice to a wedding!”

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