Carrie: Mike Likes The Name “Bo”

carrieunderwood_mikefisherCarrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are expecting their first child, a boy, in a few months.  Carrie told Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton that she and her husband have already had some conversations about raising their son:

“He keeps trying to push the name “Bo” for our little guy.  I just won’t have it.  Bo Fisher?  I don’t know.  I don’t like it.  He thinks of it like bow & arrow.”  So do you have a name you’re pushing?  “No.”

Have you begun setting up a room in the house? “We do have a room that’s a work in progress.  It’s really overwhelming to go into any baby store.  The first time I went, I made Mike go with me, because I knew it was overwhelming, and I wanted him to see it all, and take it all in.  Because there’s so much stuff, so many things, and there’s really no help.  So it’s been interesting, it’s been a challenge.”

(Lon) It’s wild, they have these strollers that are like Cadillacs! (Carrie) And of course you wants what’s safe for your baby, you want what’s best.  But then again, do I have to spend $2000 on a little swingy thing?  No!”

(Lon) Everything is so cute!  Even for guys! (Carrie) But little girl’s stuff is way cuter than little boy’s stuff.  I feel that little boy’s moms get the short end of that stick.”

(Lon) Resist the temptation to put him in a dress.  (Carrie) Yeah, OK, I’ll try.  Maybe when his dad’s gone.  If Mike can bring home camouflage things to put him in.  He saw this car bed thing for a baby, and I was like, ‘We’re not getting one of those!’  He’s going to get a crib!”


(Lon) Back after you got married, there was a lot of talk about when were you going to have children, and at that time, you said, “I’m irresponsible about a lot of things.  As far as being responsible for another human being’s life, I would worry if I was one of my friends.”  (Carrie) I think it’s one of those things, and this is not a way to compare, you cannot compare your pets and children, but back before I got Ace, I said, ‘Now is a terrible time to get a dog. I’m traveling too much, I can barely take care of myself.  Then I got Ace, and I figured it out.  Before I got married, I’d say ‘I don’t have time for a husband,’ and then we figured it out.  It’s just one of those things.  We didn’t necessarily plan to have a baby, but now was as good a time as any, but let’s leave it up to the powers around us, God will know when it’s time for us to have a child, and that’s exactly what happened.  So we’ll figure it out!”


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