McGraw Daughter Maggie Graduates

Tim Faith 4-6-14Tim McGraw is a huge superstar and movie star.  But when you ask him what’s going on in his life, his answer is mainly about his family.  Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton spoke with Tim about his busy summer:

“It’s busy right now in my life.  Maggie graduated high school, Audrey graduated junior high.  Gracie will be a sophomore in college in the fall.  Maggie starts college in the fall. Audrey will be a freshman in high school.  So life’s pretty crazy at our house.  We’ve got graduation parties going on, summer plans to make with the kids, trying to get everyone together before they all disappear.

You did that last year too? Yeah we did.  We spend a lot of time together.  Around the house we do stay-cations where we just lock the door and watch movies. The older they get, the less time you have to do that, you have to make opportunities for that to happen.  It’s bittersweet.  You look back, look at pictures, at some of the memories you have of kids growing up, places you’ve been, and realize a certain chapter is closed, but another chapter has opened up.”

Do you get involved in planning? “I don’t plan.  I’m the oldest kid in the family.  Faith’s got four kids.  I just do what mom says.  But we try to do what they’re interested in.  It usually involves the water.  That’s our favorite thing to do.  Gracie is my spearfishing partner, and Maggie is a free diver. So we’ll get in the water with her.”

What will Maggie study in college? “She’s always been interested in the ocean, so her primary interest is marine biology.  She’s just about to start college, and we’ll see where it takes her.  But that’s always been her biggest interest.”

Maggie & Gracie are just a year apart, so I imagine they’re very close friends: “Anybody who has more than one kid knows they’re so different. They’re so individual.  But they’re all real close, and all real supportive of each other.  They miss each other when they’re not around, but the also want their sisters to experience life.  The person who’s most interesting to watch now is Audrey the youngest. She’s going to be the only one in the house.  We talked about that after her 8th grade graduation.  She goes, ‘It’s just gonna be me, you, and mom.  The only thing is you’re gonna pay attention to everything I do.’  I said, ‘We always paid attention to everything you do.’ She replied, ‘But now it might be a little TOO much attention!'”

Has she staked out her claim on anything in the house? “I think she’s scared to do that now.  She’ll wait until they’re officially out of the house and she’ll stake her claim on a lot of stuff.”

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